Private glamping with one private building
exclusively for one group each day

Aroma Olive

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Aroma Olive
One-of-a-kind Ocean Resort
Aroma sauna, private garden, and glamping...

“Glamping & Sauna Resort ‘Aroma Olive’” was born on a hill overlooking the sea of Itoshima.
You can enjoy a view of the sparkling sea, feel a comfortable freeze with the aroma of olive,
and relax your body and mind in the aromatic hot steam of our barrel sauna.
From the windows of the Greek-themed blue tent,
you will witness the beautiful sunset over the sea and starry night sky.
Wake up to the sunrise with your loved ones: family and friends.
This is where the pinnacle of relaxation and luxury awaits that makes you very excited,
you can enjoy fresh and rare food, and everything that is important exists.
“Aroma Olive” is your gateway to happiness, and it is just 40 mins from Fukuoka City.

7 characteristics

1日1Private glamping exclusively for one group each day

Experience a one-of-a-kind resort that promises a new sensation.
It’s newly open in Itoshima!

Private glamping exclusively for one group each day

“Glamping & Sauna Resort ‘Aroma Olive’” was born on a hill overlooking the beautiful sea of the Itoshima area.
Our glamping & sauna resort is equipped with Greek-themed dome-shaped tents, an outdoor sauna, and a private garden in an extraordinary space beneath the open sky, feeling a comfortable breeze. Please enjoy the pinnacle of relaxation during your comfortable stay here with your family and friends. It is just 40 mins from Fukuoka City.

Glamping dome

A panoramic view of the sea and sky
Glamping dome

A guest room comes with a spacious dome-shaped tent with a 6-meter diameter in harmony with the nature.
The spacious tent, with a high ceiling and air conditioner, is a Greek-themed designer’s room and the blue color of it harmonizes beautifully with the sparkling sea that you can see from the expansive windows. Please enjoy the sunset over the sea, starry night sky, and the ever-changing panoramic view of the sea and sky.

Private sauna

Enjoy a spectacular view
Private sauna

After warming up in the Finnish Pine Barrel Sauna, the “Well-water Bath” with a 180-centimeter diameter can revitalize you and go outside to get some fresh air on the lawn feeling the breeze from the sea… It makes everyone smile unconsciously. Please have a luxurious time watching the sunset over the sea from the windows of our sauna.

■Please bring and wear your own swimwear or sauna suit when you use our private sauna.


Original aroma

Our original aroma oil “Euphoria” was developed for people that are always busy and feel stressed so that they can be themselves again and feel happiness in the beautiful nature, which is the theme of it. We made aroma water frozen in the shape of a ball and turned it into ice kugel. Our original aroma was incorporated into loyly, and it gives you a great relaxing effect by breathing in the aroma together.

Private garden overlooking the sea

Enjoy the beauty of the nature
Private garden overlooking the sea

The 400-square-meter premises have a spacious lawn garden with 120 olive trees planted on the southern slope. The sunset over the sea shines brightly like the Aegean Sea.

The best and choice Itoshima beef BBQ


The best and choice Itoshima beef BBQ

For dinner, you can enjoy “Itoshima Japanese Black Beef,” a rare brand of cows that is rarely found with only 700 of them shipped annually, as well as hamburger steaks, spare ribs and other high-quality meats in this course. Please enjoy the beautiful sunset and sea grilling fresh Itoshima’s vegetables on an American grill.

Eating space

No worries even if it’s a bad weather!
Eating space

Close to a dome-shaped tent, there is an eating space where you can have meals even if it is a bad weather, so you can enjoy BBQs without worrying about rain. Sanitary rooms such as a bathroom and toilet are installed, so women and small children can enjoy outdoor activities comfortably.


The view from our rooms looks as if you’re looking out the window and seeing the view from an island in the Aegean Sea.
After warming up and resting your body by naturopathy called Greek Aromatherapy,
please have a relaxing moment at a designer’s room colored with blue
and enjoy the beautiful sea, sunset and sky full of stars at night!


Facility Information

  • Private sauna with a spectacular view & aroma loyly

    Watching the sea, you can enjoy 4 types of our original aroma loyly where ice kugel gets heated and evaporates, and it will fully revitalize you!

    Happiness beyond time will surround you.

  • Private garden

    After sauna, you can experience the perfect and luxury combination of the breeze from the sea and forest bathing to get some fresh air.

    Watching the sunset after a BBQ, you will never want to leave this garden. It turns into a café during the day and a bar at night.

    Please enjoy this rare garden.

  • Water bath for sauna

    A water bath is installed near the sauna. It enhances a relaxing effect by cooling your body down.

  • BBQ grill (electric type)

    We prepare an electric BBQ grill.

    Even outdoor beginners can easily enjoy an authentic BBQ here.

  • Mini kitchen

    There are an induction stove and sink installed in a log house.

    We prepare a frying pan, pod, ladle, turner, long cooking chopsticks, etc.

    So you can cook something simple with a BBQ.

  • Bathroom / Toilet

    In the log house close to the dome,

    a bathroom and toilet are installed, so outdoor beginners can also use our facility comfortably.

  • Air conditioner fully installed!

    Dome-shaped tents are fully equipped with an air conditioner, so you can have a great time in any seasons here.

  • 【Nearby onsen facility】Mamushi no Yu

    It is located 10 mins from our facility by car, and you can enjoy the soft hot water drawn up from the underground at the onsen facility “Mamushi no Yu.” Please enjoy the onsen before and after checking in at our facility.

  • 【Nearby Beach】Anego no Hama Beach

    It takes just 3 mins to get to the long beach.

    It is famous for “singing sand,” and you can enjoy swimming, surfing, and taking a walk on the beach.

    It is a great location where you can take a shower and bath right after getting out of the sea.

※The image is an image.

Surrounding sightseeing

Glamping & Sauna Resort Aroma Olive


We will answer questions about our facility. About equipment and amenities, please check out the Room page for more details.


The check-in location

823-6, Nijo Shikaka, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 819-1642, Japan

■It is a quiet area and the road is narrow here, so please drive slowly.
■Please park your car at the designated parking lot.
※It is a quiet area in the forest and the road is also narrow, so please refrain from coming here just to have a look around.


  • By car

    Approximately 40 mins from Fukuoka City 
    Approximately 5 mins by car from Yoshii IC
    ■We recommend that you come here by your own car or a rental car as there are not many taxis driving around the area.
    ■There are some bumps on the way to our facility, so if you’re planning to come here by a low-slung car or long one, please consult us in advance.

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