Additional option: Euphoria’s ice kugel


■A set of 4 / 2,200 yen

If you want to try Euphoria’s ice kugel, please select it from Options on the Reservation page.


Euphoria means being in a state of intense happiness in Ancient Greek, and it is said that it’s an origin of the word “Happiness.”

“Aroma Olive” can let you fully enjoy Loyly where you put ice kugel (ice cube of aroma water) and it evaporates on heated stones, using four aromas that we have developed.


◇Euphoria Lotus【Euphoria: Attaining Enlightenment】

Lotus flower blooms as if it doesn’t know what “impurity” is even if it’s in the mud, so it looks like Buddha sits cross-legged.
This aroma is composed of lotus flower that brings euphoria attaining enlightenment, vetiver that prompts a sense of calm and ylang-ylang that appeals to the senses. Please feel euphoria in the steamy aroma.


◇Euphoria Meditation【Euphoria: Meditating Underwater】

It is said that before a person is born, they feel the greatest happiness surrounded by the love of their mothers while in the amniotic fluid.
This aroma is composed of cedar wood that removes anxiety and gives a sense of security, rosewood that invigorates the mind, and frankincense that calms breathing.
Please remember what it was like to be in your mother’s belly and meditate.


◇Euphoria Relaxation【Euphoria: Alleviating】

Relaxation, directly derived from relaxationem in Latin, is an action noun meaning “Alleviation.”
This aroma is composed of scotch pine that heals the exhausted mind, ylang-ylang that brings a sense of happiness, and frankincense that calms the mind and breathing, under the theme of “Relaxation of Harshness and Intensity.”
Please relax your body and mind to the fullest and have a blissful time not thinking about anything in the steam.


◇Euphoria Olive【Euphoria: Sacredness】

In the biblical book of Genesis “Noah’s Ark,” it is written that a dove flew away from the Ark and brought back olives, and they are considered “holy trees.” In recent years, they have gotten more attention because olive leaves have many kinds of nutrients that can enhance immunity such as oleuropein and polyphenol that have antioxidant effects.
Please enjoy feeling sacred and happy in the aroma of “holy” olive leaves that appear in many myths.

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